Kim is different …Of course she has talent, brains, great work habits. You probably know all that already. 

But what you may not know is how much she cares. How deep she goes with her thinking. What a deeply caring and thoughtful person she is. 

She keeps up with the latest trends in technology, but you get the feeling she only uses social media to get others to be more thoughtful, more aware, of all the incredible things going on around us that our pop culture overlooks. I’m proud to call her my friend and am grateful to her for opening my eyes to a bigger world out there – artistically, politically, spiritually. She connects with people all over America, all over the world. And she brings a profound artistic sense to everything she engages with. She’s wonderful with children, committed to helping them become more creative in their lives, and to treasure beauty in the world around them. She’s also attuned to cross-cultural stresses and strains and I truly believe her highest and best calling could be as peace maker - as someone who bridges cultural fears and misunderstandings and brings people of opposing views together. If you are considering working with Kim on any level, you will find it to be a remarkable and enriching experience. I highly recommend her.

Doug Smith
CEO, Ervin & Smith Advertising and Public Relations


It’s hard to put into words the great partnership Kim has provided me and the Ann Taylor Stores Corporation. She is not only highly creative, but more specifically, she is extremely gifted in translating a business concept into reality. I’ve also appreciated her dedication and passion for her job. Whether it’s last minute changes or other business factors that change our direction, Kim has always been highly adaptable and never compromises the quality of her work. She brings fresh ideas and has challenged me to think outside the box. I certainly look forward to future partnerships with Kim and I absolutely recommend her to anyone considering working with Kim in the future.

Wei-Li Chong
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Ann Taylor Stores Corporation


Kim is an incredibly talented artist who I feel very lucky to know. I have worked with her as both a client and a partner, which has afforded me the rare opportunity to witness her work throughout the creative process. Kim’s approach to art and design is a thoughtful one – she listens carefully to the needs of her clients and asks all of the right questions to truly understand the goals of the project. She listens to feedback with an open mind, again asking questions along the way to get to the heart of what is needed for the project to be a success. For Kim, design isn’t just art; it’s strategy. How do we reach our audience? How do we properly represent the brand? How can we bring something new and fresh to the marketplace that will stand out? These are the questions she routinely asks before working her magic – and that’s what Kim’s art is: deep, soulful, and magical. And on top of it all, she’s simply a wonderful human being — one you’ll also feel lucky to know, should you have the good fortune to work with her. 

Shelley Ernst 
Manager, Customer Communications, Union Pacific Railroad


Hiring Kim for her design services was the single most important decision I made in the publishing of my novel. Kim is a superbly talented artist and graphical designer, but what really makes her absolutely unique and tremendously successful with her projects is her ability to understand the client and the overall meaning of the project. Kim listened very carefully to my own ideas, read my novel, and came back with a series of outstanding graphical designs for my cover that embodied everything I attempted to put forth in the entire novel- in a single design. Each and every one of the options she presented (in a timely and highly professional manner) was so stunningly beautiful, unique, and representative of the novel, that I had trouble even eliminating options because they were so good.

In short, I could not recommend or praise a graphic designer and artist more highly; Kim is the best there is!

Steve Caplan
Associate Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Nebraska Medical Center


Rogue Water isn't just a company—it's the manifested heart and soul of my business partner and I. We spent half a day dreaming up our logo, what described us in a single snapshot? We chose the chameleon, a pretty complex animal to bring to life in a logo. Kim took the time to find out who we were, what made us tick as a duo, what got us up in the morning. She was patient with us and worked through our feedback until she emailed us with "I think this is the one." And she was right. In an industry that is usually confined to some variation of a water drop, our logo makes us stand out. It grabs attention and latches on. It inspires people to go a little rogue. 

Stephanie Zavala
CEO and Co-Founder, Rogue Water, LLC, Host of Water in Real Life Podcast


With time as the enemy, our company went to you for assistance with the design of a booklet for certain clients across the country. It was imperative this booklet had a contemporary feel, but adhered to the classical nature of our industry. This needed to be something that said “Customer, you are extremely important to our business and here’s a token of appreciation for your continued loyalty.” When I saw the finished product, I was absolutely impressed and felt you delivered exactly what I had asked for.

I sincerely appreciate your flexibility with change requests at the last minute; I know it had to be stressful. I’m very excited to work with you on projects in the future. Thank you for everything Kim!

Ryan M. Mack
Director of Marketing, Election Systems & Software, Inc.

It is not easy to create a website that embodies a creative spirit with little to no guidance. Kim not only captured who I am as an artist, but she made my work come alive online. I trusted her direction from the very start. Her patience, understanding and love of what she does came across throughout the entire process.I know this partnership between us is only the beginning or our relationship. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a creative, easy to follow and beautiful website.

Joani Rothenberg
Professional Artist

Kim is an outstanding business partner! She understands the essence of branding and how to bring it to life in a compelling way. Kim brings positive energy and incredible outcomes to any engagement. All that said, the best part of working with Kim is she has the guts to take risks with design elements that create an end result that delivers the wow factor and doesn’t show up looking like your competition.

Mark Eberly
Director, HR, Chico’s FAS Inc.

From my professional experience in working with Kim Goldberg, I think she is one of the brightest talents in our community regarding her fresh approach of blending artistic values with sharp, competitive marketing. Her passion for life is reflected in her understanding of how to bring product to an audience and is fueled by her creativity and concern for the people she works with and the audience she knows how to reach. On a personal level, I know Kim to be dedicated, honest, consistent and responsive to her friends and people around her. To work with and know Kim has been nothing short of exceptional and I highly recommend her work.

Jan Goldstein
Director, North American Tours, Amiel, Inc.