My Innate Traits

Cerebral, Introspective

It's important for me to put the world on pause and give myself time to think. I'm both satisfied and productive when I distance myself from day-to-day minutia to free my brain. 

Comfortable in the abstract, I'm drawn to challenges that require me to put my mind to work. I'm energized when all the big and deep thinking leads to an epiphany. I unconsciously step out of the here and now, so don't be offended if I appear to be off in my own world. 


Lifting something to excellence fulfills and satisfies me. I feel an innate need to upgrade, polish, enhance and make things better. I often want to integrate elements that add the special touch to projects, making them more memoriable, more vibrant, more exceptional. 

Courageous, Straightforward, Transparent

I'm not afraid to step up, take charge and give directive. I accept responsibility and ownership even when doing so comes with some risk. When I feel strongly about something, I will vocalize it and address the issues head-on rather than tiptoeing around them. I don't hide from the truth, I believe things are best addressed out in the open while using a balanced approach due to my strong empathy. I have a commanding style and a natural, gravitational pull to be in the driver's seat.

Perceptive, Observant

Since I was little, I have always had the ability to pick up on the meaningful subtleties of my surroundings. A studied observer of others, I have a keen ability to tap into the nearly imperceptible uniqueness that lies within people. I can accurately read the temperature in a room and pick up on subtle cues in body language while often sensing what someone needs or wants without them having to tell me. I have a built-in radar that picks up on authenticity as well as insecurity and interest, using my gut feeling as my guide. 

Influential, Convincing

I have a propensity for persuading other and am able to emotionally connect people to shift their perception or change their minds. I don't aggressively argue my point, my purpose is to prevail when it really matters. I'm quick to adjust my approach if it is not effective at getting through to someone and come at things from a new angle. I know the danger of dismissing someone's point of view outright, I also understand the power in listening for areas of consensus. In situations of heightened emotion, I am able to maintain calmness and understanding. 

Dependable, Conscientious

I keep my promises and am a reliable confidant. Following through on my commitments weighs heavy on my mind and I work hard to avoid letting someone down, keeping even the smallest of obligations. My word is my bond--and I'll do whatever it takes because disappointing someone feels unbearable.  I'll burn the midnight oil and if I sense there is even a chance it will be difficult to keep an agreement I've made I will immediately make it known so others are not inconvenienced. I wear my badge of reliability like a badge of honor. 

Creative, Inventive

Fresh ideas, breaking new ground, transformation, everything I work on I start with what "could be." I naturally view things in new ways and from different perspectives while enjoying the hum of my mind when given the time to create. I'm energized and engaged when I'm given the opportunity and access to be at the forefront of new possibilities. 

Listener, Attentive

I naturally tend to spend more time listening than talking. I help people to feel heard and appreciated, listening before I speak. I don't feel the need to fight for the floor just to make my voice heard and am a confidant to many. 

Resilient, Unbreakable

I tend to bounce back quickly after facing formidable circumstances. I get back up when I'm knocked down, dusting myself off and quickly jumping back into action. I don't play the role of victim and don't let adversity define me. I believe it's better to come to terms with pain and move on, rather than repress or deny it.

Flexible, Adaptable

I'm comfortable operating without a plan, at least initially and I don't get bent out of shape when plans change. Overt structure feels like a rigid, confining place to me. I'm more comfortable responding to needs as they arise-big changes don't wear me down, I accept change as part of life. One of my favorite quotes, "You can have your fears, but don't let your fears have you."